The Michigan Federation of College Democrats Code of Conduct

The Michigan Federation of College Democrats (MFCD) strives to be an organization where all College Democrats can work to advance the ideals of the Democratic Party without fear, intimidation, discrimination, or harassment. We recognize that while we’re a party that champions the rights of women, minorities, and LGBTQ+ people, we oftentimes fall short of giving historically disenfranchised people seats at the table. It’s on us to ensure that MFCD is an organization that is inclusive, equitable, intersectional, and without tolerance of discrimination and harassment.

To this end, we establish this code of conduct to be clear on the actions that we will not tolerate and outline how we will  hold people accountable for choices that make our organization less inclusive and equitable.

Conduct policy

At MFCD, we do not tolerate:

  • Sexual Harassment and Misconduct: Any form of non consensual sexual activity, unwanted sexual advances, unwanted visuals or exposure, or verbal and physical harassment that demean, shame, or pressure another individual into a sexual action.

  • Discrimination: treating people in a prejudiced way based on their actual or perceived race, color, creed, sex, age, national origin, socioeconomic status, religion or lack thereof, ethnicity, ancestry, marital status,  health status including HIV status, sexual orientation, gender identity, appearance, or ability.

  • Bullying: actions, either physical or verbal, that are intended to threaten, intimidate, demean, or embarrass any person. This may include, but is not limited to: name calling, threat to cause physical or social harm, starting and spreading rumors, or embarrassing someone in public.

Reporting, Investigation, and Conclusion

  • Reporting

Any alleged breach of this conduct policy shall be reported in writing to the President of MFCD within 30 days of the incident with the exception of sexual assault which has no time limitation. Allegations made against the President shall be reported in writing to the Vice President. If an individual doesn’t feel comfortable reporting these allegations to either the President or Vice President, an individual can report to another Executive Board member who will process the report. The President, Vice President, or other Executive Board Member receiving a report must refer the case to the established three-person investigative panel within 24 hours of receiving the report.

The President, Vice President, or other Executive Board member that receives the report must inform the defendant of the allegation against them. They must also ensure that both parties understand the process the report will go through and are comfortable with all three members of the panel.

Reports should include as much information as possible surrounding the incident, any evidence that exists, and the names of any witnesses.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This should not be misconstrued as a form of mandatory reporting. If the person reporting the incident doesn’t wish to undergo any part of this process, we will respect their wishes.

  • Investigation

The investigation shall be conducted by a three-person panel comprising of MFCD members that are unanimously appointed by the MFCD Executive Board at the beginning of each term.. The panel shall include three individuals including at least one person of color and at least one person who does not identify as male. If either the plaintiff or the defendant doesn’t feel comfortable with an individual on this panel, that individual must recuse themself and the President of MFCD shall appoint a temporary panelist that both sides can agree on.  

Within one week of receiving the case, the three-person panel must investigate the allegations, interview all witnesses brought forth by the plaintiff and defendant, determine the validity of the allegation, and submit a detailed report with recommendations on corrective action to the MFCD Executive Board. Throughout this process, the panel must speak either over the phone or over video call at least once to go over the findings and vote on the report and recommendations. The panel must be unanimous in its agreement with the report and recommendations on corrective action.

  • Conclusion

Upon receiving the report, the MFCD Executive Board must put the item on the agenda of their next meeting where a ⅔ vote must be taken to accept the panels report, confirm their recommendations, or amend the report and recommendations in any way.

If wrongdoing is found by the panel and confirmed by the Executive Board, corrective action may include, but is not limited to:

  • Personal Reconciliation: The defendant apologizing and acknowledging the error in their ways and committing to not do the action again.

  • Suspension: from either their specific position (or from holding a position altogether)  in MFCD and/or all MFCD activities for an established period of time.

  • Expulsion: a permanent removal from either their specific position (or holding a position altogether) in MFCD and/or all MFCD activities.

* Note: a violation of the terms of this corrective action shall be reported so the violation can be investigated by the aforementioned panel and additional corrective action may be applied.