About Ethan

Contact: president.mfcd@gmail.com

At 14 years old,  Ethan stumbled into a local Democratic campaign office and he's been hooked ever since. Since then he's made history as the youngest person ever from Michigan to be a Delegate at the Democratic National Convention, helped build party infrastructure in his hometown and flip the Canton Township Board of Trustees from a 6-1 GOP majority to a 5-2 Democratic majority, and spent three cycles working to flip seats in the State Legislature including serving as Campaign Manager for the highest funded State House race by the Michigan House Democrats during the 2018 cycle. 

Upon entering college, Ethan restarted a previously defunct College Democrats chapter at Central Michigan University and served as Mid-Northern Regional Director and Treasurer of the Michigan Federation of College Democrats before being elected President. He's working toward a degree in Political Science and Nonprofit & Public Administration with a minor in Leadership. In May of 2020, he also expects to have the experience in the nonprofit sector to become a CNP (Certified Nonprofit Professional).

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