The Michigan Federation of College Democrats Condemns President Trump’s Anti- Transgender Memo

Lansing, Michigan-- October, 24, 2018-- The Michigan Federation of College Democrats hereby releases a statement of condemnation of President Donald Trump’s Anti-Transgender memo. As a group of diverse students, we support all gender identities, and we vehemently oppose President Trump’s condemnation of transgender citizens and their ability to self-identify. To eradicate the hatred spread by our president and his administration, we must speak out against these injustices. We can no longer be complacent and let these acts of malice stand. It is our job as the next generation to advocate for acceptance, tolerance and love, not malice, hatred or bigotry.

To our LGBTQ+ friends and neighbors, we stand with you. You have our full support and you will not stand alone in this fight for validation. We will fight with you, for you, and against any that try to take away your rights. You are valid and we see your struggle; you are not alone in this.

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About MFCD: The Michigan Federation of College Democrats is a branch of College Democrats of America, which falls under the Democratic National Committee. The organization works to mobilize student activism across the state, working to elect Democrats up and down the ballot, as well as motivate legislative action on important student- related issues.