MFCD statement on gubernatorial candidate Patrick Colbeck's islamophobic rhetoric

Lansing, Michigan - April 30, 2018 - MFCD statement on gubernatorial candidate Patrick Colbeck's islamophobic rhetoric

We knew the day would come that someone from the other side of the aisle would decide to attack Abdul El-Sayed, a candidate to be the next Governor of Michigan, for being Muslim. That person was Patrick Colbeck. According to Buzz Feed, Patrick Colbeck was presenting to a group called United West, a group that the Southern Poverty Law Center has designated as an Anti-Muslim hate group. While presenting, Mr. Colbeck said Abdul was trying to engage in “civilization jihad” to destroy the American system of government and take over the country.

These unfounded attacks should not, and will not, be tolerated by any Michigander with a conscious. People across this country have made it very clear that we are rejecting the Trump-like politics of running on hate and fear. As concerned citizens and as a Democrat organization, we reject Mr. Colbeck’s blatant Islamophobia; we stand in solidarity with all our Muslim brothers and sisters not only in the state of Michigan, but everywhere. Mr. Colbeck, we are here to tell you that your behavior is unbecoming of a state senator and is unbecoming of a candidate for Governor. It is the shared belief of Democrats across Michigan that you must withdraw yourself as a candidate to be this state's next governor. Our state deserves a governor that will serve all its citizens.

We now call on Republican candidates, elected officials, and organizations alike to join us and stand in solidarity with the Muslim community by denouncing the behavior of Patrick Colbeck. Specifically, we call on the Michigan Federation of College Republicans to join us by releasing a statement telling Patrick Colbeck that his brand of politics will not be accepted, and that it is in the best interest of all of us that he ends his campaign for governor effective immediately. Leadership requires that you always speak truth to power and sometimes that means calling out members of your own party. We must come together and tell those who wish to attack people of this great nation, that an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.