The Michigan Federation of College Democrats Endorses Federal Candidates in Michigan

Lansing, Michigan - July 12, 2018 - The Michigan Federation of College Democrats (MFCD) has endorsed several federal candidates for election and reelection for the 2018 August Primary and November General Elections:

Incumbents Endorsed by the MFCD:

o   Senator Debbie Stabenow

o   Congressman Dan Kildee – 5th Congressional District

o   Congresswoman Debbie Dingell – 12th Congressional District

o   Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence – 14th Congressional District

These incumbents have served admirably in the United States Congress and have been strong supporters of the MFCD. Our members are inspired by their work ethic and their commitment to our values.

 Candidates Endorsed by the MFCD:

o   Matt Morgan1st Congressional District

§  Truly representative of the 1st Congressional District, Morgan’s values mesh with his potential constituents and our objectives. His military experience and deep roots in the district make him uniquely qualified to represent the people of Northern Michigan.

o   Rob Davidson2nd Congressional District

§  A graduate of two Michigan colleges, Davidson is acutely aware of the issues our members are facing. His work as a physician has prepared him to advocate for the important health interests of our members, from single payer to reproductive rights. Davidson’s lifelong Michigan mentality and healthcare expertise set him apart, and would make him an excellent legislator.

o   Matt Longjohn6th Congressional District

§  A committed community organizer and a graduate of Kalamazoo College, Longjohn is well versed with the issues facing the 6th Congressional District. His campaign has been committed to hearing our member’s concerns, and that focus on listening to constituents is badly needed in this district. Combined with his extensive medical experience as a physician, Longjohn will be a proactive and passionate voice in Congress.

o   Gretchen Driskell7th Congressional District

§  Our members proudly worked on Driskell’s congressional race in 2016, and we are excited that many of our former members have leading positions in her campaign. Driskell is committed to empowering young voices and her broad outreach to our chapters has been greatly appreciated. We need someone with Driskell’s vision to fight for our values in Congress.

o   Elissa Slotkin8th Congressional District

§  Another candidate who emphasizes empowering youth voices, Slotkin has the policy experience needed to represent the 8th Congressional District. As one of the youngest candidates running for Congress in Michigan, Slotkin is well acquainted with the issues of rising college tuition and sexual assault on campus. Slotkin will be a strong advocate for our members in Congress.

All of these candidates share the vision of the Michigan Federation of College Democrats of empowering young people and addressing the needs of our members. We believe these individuals will be vital in Democrat’s attempts at regaining Congress, as well as bringing about the change that Michigan is in so dire need of.


About: The Michigan Federation of College Democrats is dedicated to organizing students on campuses across Michigan to ensure a progressive and inclusive future. The Michigan Federation of College Democrats is a chartered state federation with the College Democrats of America and is the official college caucus under the Michigan Democratic Party.