The Michigan Federation of College Democrats Endorses State Legislative Candidates in Michigan

Lansing, Michigan – August 2, 2018 - The Michigan Federation of College Democrats (MFCD) has conducted a second round of endorsements of state legislative candidates for election and reelection for the 2018 August Primary and November General Elections:

  • Incumbents Endorsed by the MFCD:
    • Senator David Knezek – 5th State Senate District
    • Representative Abdullah Hammoud – 15th State House District
    • Representative Kristy Pagan – 21st State House District
    • Representative Yousef Rabhi – 53rd State House District  
    • Representative Sara Cambensy – 109th State House District


These incumbents have served admirably in the Michigan Legislature and have been strong supporters of the MFCD. Our members are inspired by their work ethic and their commitment to our values.

  • Candidates Endorsed by the MFCD:
    • Sylvia Santana3rd State Senate District
    • Bill LaVoy17th State Senate District
    • Winnie Brinks – 29th State Senate District
    • Scott Dianda – 38th State Senate District
    • Ricardo White – 6th State House District
    • Michelle LaVoy – 17th State House District
    • Matt Koleszar – 20th State House District
    • Rebekah Warren – 55th State House District
    • Rachel Hood – 76th State House District
    • Lauren Taylor – 86th State House District
    • Sarah Schultz98th State House District


All of these candidates share the vision of the Michigan Federation of College Democrats of empowering young people and addressing the needs of our members. We believe these individuals will be vital in Democrat’s attempts at regaining control of the State House and State Senate, as well as bringing about the change that Michigan is in so dire need of.


About: The Michigan Federation of College Democrats is dedicated to organizing students on campuses across Michigan to ensure a progressive and inclusive future. The Michigan Federation of College Democrats is a chartered state federation with the College Democrats of America and is the official college caucus under the Michigan Democratic Party.