MFCD Condemns The False State of Emergency Declaration

Lansing, Michigan—February 16th, 2019 — The Michigan Federation of College Democrats condemns in the strongest terms President Trump's declaration of a false state of emergency.

The Constitution clearly gives the power of the purse to Congress. Since Trump couldn't force Congress to fund his racist border wall, he is using nefarious tactics to satisfy Coulter, Hannity and other far-right pundits. Not only is this legally dubious but it sets a dangerous precedent that undermines the checks and balances between the executive and legislative branches.

There are real emergencies facing America: climate change, gun violence, the drug overdose epidemic et cetera. This "crisis" at our southern border is nothing more than a xenophobic dog-whistle meant to divide Americans. What's more, there is wide consensus among experts that a wall will not stop drug trafficking or illegal immigration.

This declaration represents nothing more than the theft of billions of dollars from the American people by the President. Our duly elected Congress rejected the border wall and after shutting down the government for 35 days, the longest in US history, did not work, Trump is now abusing the state of emergency to fund his pet project against the will of the American people.

If the President thinks that this move will help him win reelection in states like Michigan, he is dead wrong. MFCD is committed to resisting the Trump agenda and ensuring that Michigan returns to blue in 2020.